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I am a creative marketer with a talent for writing digital and print copy that persuades readers to take action. My career started with a passion for getting the right message in front of the right audience, and has lead me to helping lead a team of writers to create clear, concise, and compelling content for 100+ B2B clients. I do admit to getting a bit of help from my friend, caffeine.


Kerry is an incredibly talented writer with a particular gift for social media and content strategy. She is a dedicated leader who truly cares about the well-being of her team, and a strong communicator who is able to distill complex ideas into relatable, digestible content that creates true engagement. Kerry is also kind-hearted and always ready to support the needs of everyone on her team, including her managers. Her skill and dedication are unmatched, and the quality of her work continued to impress me throughout our time working together.

Kerry is a highly talented copywriter, who can not only handle intense deadlines and volume with both high quality and grace, but she can also lift up her team members, supporting them and guiding them in the ways of the Content Team at Marketopia. You have been a crucial team member to Marketopia's success, helping our brands and our client's brands grow. Thank you for your exceptional work to deliver content that educates, as well as inspires.

Kerry is incredibly self-motivated, a fast learner, and an overall pleasure to work with. I was consistently impressed with her writing skills, creativity, and willingness to learn and grow. She has a wide range of expertise, from content to PR to social media. She has also stepped up and taken on a leadership role many times, mentoring more junior writers and doing whatever is needed to keep projects running smoothly. Any company would greatly benefit from having her on their team!

Kerry is an extraordinary worker with an exceptional personality to match. I always looked forward to collaborating with her because she made the team work seamless in communication, a bright presence to be around, and we always created an amazing product. I can't say enough about Kerry and her work, only that I wish there were more peers in the workplace like her.

  • Eye-catching headlines

  • Value-focused website copy

  • Compelling direct mail content

  • On-page SEO copywriting

  • Curates social/content calendar

  • Hootsuite ninja

  • Lives by AP Stylebook

  • Pitches & press kits

  • Conversion-driven CTA's

  • Research & creative brainstorming

  • Detailed content audits

  • Collaborates with design & SEO teams

  • Proofing-extraordinaire 

  • Attentive eye for detail and accuracy

  • Impeccable grasp of proper grammar

  • Excellent planning skills

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Website Copy

Who said IT copy can't be fun and creative? In this website sample, I showcase the story of an IT service provider while driving visitors to engage with CTA's and turn into leads.


I wrote this newsletter for a client on a monthly basis to spotlight solutions, share blog posts and promote special event registration with their clients.

Website Copy

I worked closely with my content director to revamp the Marketopia site from top to bottom to better tell our story and showcase the growth and success the company has seen in its first five years of business.

Website Copy

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wrote this site in three days to help make introductions between managed service providers and vendors offering discounts on services/products to keep the IT channel growing through the pandemic and the economic downturn.


This an HTML email I wrote for a client who wanted to educate prospects on the importance of data backup while offering their services through engaging copy and CTA's. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 4.51.02 PM.png


This is a trifold I made for a client that provides construction software solutions. Acting as a quick snapshot of what the client has to offer, this trifold is handed out to prospects.


This eGuide was written for a managed IT services provider to use as a way to encourage potential prospects to sign up for their email list in order to get them into their sales funnel.

Landing Page

This word doc is an example of copy I wrote for a landing page to promote a webinar for Marketopia, encouraging potential prospects to reserve their spot.

Email Drip Campaign

This is a word doc containing the copy I wrote for a drip email campaign for a managed security services client who wanted to raise awareness around their Compliance as a Service offerings.


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